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Sunday, 27 May 2012

"Big" Steeve Hurdle 1971-2012

Former Gorguts, Negativa and Purulence guitarist Steeve Hurdle has apparently died aged 41 following "post surgical complications". The former Purulence guitarist joined Gorguts in 1993 and contributed to the infamous "Obscura" album in 1998. Following this he formed the band Negativa with Gorguts mainman Luc Lemay and released just one EP before Lemay began focusing on the Gorguts reunion. His style of guitar playing was unique and inventive, total schizo riffing making significant use of atonal sounds and bending of pinch harmonics. "Obscura" took the principle of death metal, and turned it on its head before shoving it through a blender. The musical equivalent of a free jazz band throwing their instruments down a flight of stairs, or the death metal version of Captain Beefheart. All of these are apt descriptions for this intense, beautifully repulsive cacophany too often dismissed as "noise" by a lot of death metal fans for not being just another recycling of the same old boring power chords and degenerate lyrical concepts. Funny when you consider that the whole point of death metal and extreme metal in general is its limitless potential and the ability to push boundaries. Still, fuck em, "Obscura" OWNS and this is a serious loss of a great musician. RIP.

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